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We Are Troy Anthony Photography
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Glispse of our day:

0600 – Hit the alarm for the third time, it’s to early to start our day.

0700 – Ok, ok, ok, finally getting out of bed.

0830 – Packup up the camera and drone bag, oh and I did shower before all this

0835 – Headed out to your location to capture one of the most amazing captures we can

The Next Day: Repeat



When your day isn't going as planned we are able to smooth things out. Our team has over 25 years in the industry

Keto Butter Coffee

Our morning starts with Coffee, my wife make me follow Keto. She normally right


Give us your vision and watch the magic happen.

Our Team

Troy Anthony
Nicole Antenay
Just Raquita
Bad Ass Photographer

About Us

Good Day,

Your choice of a St. Louis Photographer for your portrait art will be a decision that future generations will be grateful for. Troy Anthony Photography takes pride in creating original, creative, and timeless pieces that family members and friends will admire and cherish.

Troy Anthony Swanson grew up in East Saint Louis, Illinois, where many greats have blessed the streets with their own flair for the arts. St. Louis Photographer Christopher Mikals, who even today is a very close friend and mentor, poet Darlene Roy, (who’s work has graced the same pages as the Late Dr. Maya Angelou) and Dr. Eugene B. Redmond.

Troy Anthony’s first love came in the form of music when he started playing classical guitar at the age of seven and later learned bass guitar in the  10th grade. Later he joined the Army at the age of 17 where he has achieved the rank of Sargent First Class and is currently retired from the 1st Infantry Division Band. He leaves behind memories and comrades that have inspired his creativity.

Troy Anthony started carrying his camera at the age of 9, and can often be seen on his motorcycle with nothing more than his camera bag and tripod.

The Troy Anthony portrait experience will make you glad that you added it to your bucket list.

The world without photography will be meaningless to us if there is no light and color, which opens up our minds and expresses passion. My photos are inspired by light, color, techniques from black & white processing, vintage photos, creative perspective, and of course, most importantly, the personalities of the people I photograph!

Our mission is to capture the day you have been dreaming about for your Grand-Children to enjoy years to come. Your capture will become an instant family holiday classic.

Video Session
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One Bad Ass Videographer
Rates per project
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Photo Session
Session Parameters:
One Bad Ass Photographer
Rates starting at $450
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Wedding Consult
Session Parameters:
One Amazing Team
Rates starting at $400 p/h
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