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TroNic Headshot

My name is Troy Anthony,
I’m a Creator of Moments.

Good Day,

Your choice of a St. Louis Photographer for your portrait art will be a decision that future generations will be grateful for. Troy Anthony Photography takes pride in creating original, creative and timeless pieces that family members and friends will admire and cherish.

Troy Anthony Swanson grew up in East Saint Louis, Illinois, where many greats have blessed the streets with their own flair for the arts. St. Louis Photographer Christopher Mikals, who even today is a very close friend and mentor, poet Darlene Roy, (who’s work has graced the same pages as the Late Dr. Maya Angelou) and Dr. Eugene B. Redmond.

Troy Anthony’s first love came in the form of music, when he started playing classical guitar at the age of seven, and later learned bass guitar in the  10th grade. Later he joined the Army at the age of 17 where he has achieved the rank of Sargent First Class and is currently retired form the 1st Infantry Division Band. He leaves behind memories and comrades that have inspired his creativity.

Troy Anthony started carrying his camera at the age of 9, and can often be seen on his motorcycle with nothing more than his camera bag and tripod.

The Troy Anthony portrait experience will make you glad that you added it to your bucket-list.

My Skills


Portrait photography is when the client and I have the most fun, it's always a blast to capture what the client doesn't always see in themselves. We love capturing those loving smiles.


With our camera we capture some of the most amazing footage, the magic happens back at the studio after I have the 2nd cup of coffee and we start creating with the clients intent.


Our Studio is were we move light to create some of our best work.


Photographing a wedding is one of the best rewards we have have as creators. This is the day that everything comes together to create a single amazing day.

Troy Anthony Photography

Why Choose Me?

Amazing coffee

We’ll have the best cup of coffee for you, or at least Starbucks will, our treat.

Professional skills

The world without photography will be meaningless to us if there is no light.

Perfect Equipment

Yeah we have so the coolest tools on the market


Photography is our 2nd Luv, I may love my Nicoles fretted backed cookie just a little more.

Unique vision

No two photographers photograph the same thing the same

focusing knowledges

I work on this craft daily to get better

Latest News

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